May 272013
Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses

Back for another trip! This time I engrave some plastic stemless wine glasses I picked up for cheap. Settings and results (which were amazing once dialed in) below! You may have noticed that for all of these rotary jobs I have been preferring the Blue Lens. There is actually a reason (or two) for that. […]

May 032013

Take 2 on the pint glasses. I made 2 more: one for Julie and one for Devon. Still on Cantaloupe (because it’s the one traditionally used with the rotary encoder. Pay attention because the settings are slightly different, and we like them slightly better: Settings Cantaloupe Engrave Note: The laser is .25″ out of focus […]

Apr 102013

The Git mad App-A-Thon is back, and so am I (Taylor), along with continuing partner Larry, and new addition Tamil! This year’s contest will include GT WebDev as well, so we are looking forward to a bigger, better contest with more apps and more prizes! Last year’s app-a-thon was a great experience, and as a […]