May 252012


I tend to have at least three different sound sources running on my desk, usually computers.  Only one will be playing music, but I do want to get the audible notification noises from all of them at the same time.  Additionally, I don’t want to suck up valuable bandwidth on the network with network based audio.  On top of that, I want at least one of the computers to be able to adjust the receiver, so the control side of this includes automated volume and preferable tone controls for everything that can be adjusted both manually and remotely.

Project Requirements

  • 4 stereo inputs
  • 1 master send/receive (effects loop before the master fader)
  • RCA/Dual Phone/Stereo Phone/stereo line inputs
  • No individual tone circuits, but leave lugs/terminals to add them later
  • Each channel selectable (or mutable)
  • No Phase inversion between input/output
  • Master balance control
  • Individual channel gain trim (this would be a trimpot, not normally adjusted)

Preferred Features

  • Direct Injection for Hi-Z musical instrument
  • Turntable/RIAA circuit accommodation
  • 48V phantom power
  • Individual balance control
  • Relay and aux 110V outlets, for controlling an external power amplifier
  • Rack mountable case
  • Network enabled

Resource Links for the Mixing Receiver

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